2016 VCH Medical Leadership Education

A high-performing hospital needs strong physician leaders who are able to effectively deal with the medical and administrative complexity of the roles they fill.

These workshops have been designed to offer you practical tools and strategies to enhance your leadership capacity.
Sessional payment for your participation will be arranged upon completion of the course. The claims form and process for reimbursement will be
provided during registration.  MOC Section 1 credit – to be advised

There are 3 workshops to choose from:

  • Performance Management:
    Developing a Culture of Accountability
  • Creating a Respectful Workplace:
    What a Physician Needs to Know and Do
  • Effective Meetings for Physicians

Additional information on each workshop can be found on the Physician Leadership Education 2016 flyer. A light breakfast or supper will be included.

To register please send an email to vchleadership@vch.ca with the date and location of the course you would like to attend.

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