Accommodating patients and clients at VCH sites

Vancouver Coastal Health is gradually restarting our programs and services, beginning with surgery, ambulatory and community services located on hospital campuses, diagnostic imaging and laboratory services. This transition means we will begin welcoming more patients, clients and visitors into our hospitals and clinics.
With limited parking near our hospital campuses, we need to ensure patients and clients can get to their procedures and appointments and that their loved ones or support persons can be there, too. Hence, we need to ensure there are spaces for them to park if needed. Starting on Tuesday, May 19, we will be designating parking spaces for patients and clients at our hospital sites across VCH.
With this change, we would encourage our staff and medical staff to consider sustainable ways of getting to work, particularly with the increasingly warm weather. This may be a great opportunity to try cycling or taking transit. Please see below for some alternative options to driving to work.
We truly appreciate the support of our staff and medical staff as we transition into this new phase.


For the latest updates on meter parking and free parking, please visit our Parking & Transportation staff intranet page.


Cycling – Cycling is becoming more popular as the weather improves and traffic has lessened. If you live within five kilometres of your workplace, why not give it a try? See or contact Arthur Orsini, Healthy Transportation Lead, with specific questions by email at

Carpooling – VCH is pleased to offer carpooling as another commuting option to staff with enhanced infection prevention and control guidelines for carpooling with a colleague. Carpooling offers a benefit to staff dealing with a lengthy or crowded commute. Sign up for our Go Orca carpool matching app. If you need help signing up or have any questions, please email

Transit – TransLink has implemented changes to ensure physical distancing is respected and everyone feels safe:

  • Facilities: Stations and bus loops across the TransLink network are being cleaned at least once per day, including a disinfectant wipe down of stair and escalator handrails, elevator buttons, door handles, fare gates, Compass vending machines, garbage handles, benches, seats, emergency cabinets and emergency phones.
  • SkyTrain: All SkyTrain cars are cleaned overnight and receive a disinfectant wipe down of poles, seats, ceilings, handles, windows, sills, and other surfaces within the cars.
  • Bus & SeaBus: The entire Bus and SeaBus fleet are being sprayed using a strong disinfectant each week, which comes in addition to daily cleaning schedules.
  • HandyDART: vehicles are being cleaned and disinfected every day.
  • West Coast Express: All West Coast Express cars are cleaned and disinfected each evening once they come out of service.

For more information about what TransLink is doing in response to COVID-19, visit their COVID-19 Precautions webpage.

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