Burnout PROOF Workshop

When: Saturday May 5th, 9:30 am – 2:00 pm

Where: Vancouver Airport Marriott Hotel, Richmond

Cost: Free to all VCH Physicians

About the Workshop:

Join us for a half-day of field-tested tools and lessons by Seattle-based Mayo-trained physician, Dr. Dike Drummond, through his 2,000 hours of one-on-one coaching with physicians facing career-threatening burnout and training over 25,000 practicing physicians for 60 corporate clients of all sizes. This workshop is fun, interactive, high energy and useful, whether you are suffering from physician burnout or not. Read on to learn more about the workshop. We hope you can join us!

Top 5 Reasons to Attend

  1. Earn 3 hours CME credits (this event is accredited for 3.0 MOC Section 1 credits and 3.0 Mainpro+ credits).
  2. The event is sponsored by the Richmond Hospital Physician Engagement Society and is free for all VCH physicians + one guest.
  3. Network with your physician colleagues in a social atmosphere.
  4. Enjoy a delicious breakfast and lunch on us.
  5. Here’s what past participants have said: “The training was phenomenal”, “Not one person left early”, “You gave us practical tools for burnout. Most of the stuff out there is just fluff to me – this was practical”, “Our physicians felt it was a very good investment of their time”.

About Dr. Dike Drummond:

Dr. Dike Drummond’s path to becoming a doctor started three generations ago when his great grandfather was a GP during the Depression. And when two generations didn’t produce another doctor, he was destined and expected to become the next doctor in the family. He did his medical school training at the Mayo clinic surviving 4 years of frigid Minnesota winters. He completed his residency at a California community hospital doing all the deliveries and even did all the intake physicals for the only locked psychiatric ward within a 150 miles in any direction. Upon graduation, he worked for a year in the local emergency room – what he calls a reverse MASH unit – because, with no general surgery on site, his job was to try to keep the seriously ill alive until a chopper could pick them up and take them to San Francisco. He finally landed in Washington, joining a 40-doctor multispecialty group and settled into full spectrum family practice, admitting and rounding on patients, and delivering babies. Then, at age 40, he hit a brick wall. All the colour drained out of his career and he lost his joy and passion for medicine. He took a one month sabbatical to see if all he needed was a break. It didn’t help. Three hours into his first shift back, he knew he could not go on anymore. So he walked away from medicine – a career spanning 10 years, 500 deliveries, and over 30,000 patient visits. This was in 1999, with two children under the age of 10 and he was the sole wage earner. This was before Google and before there were any resources for physician burnout. He knows his medical career didn’t have to end in 1999 if there was someone who could have told him what he was experiencing and gave him some practical tools to move forward without walking away, he would still be a doctor today. Since his career ending burnout, he was provided over 2,000 hours of one-on-one coaching with physicians who themselves have faced career threatening burnout and has conducted workshops for over 25,000 physicians.

Read more about Dr. Dike Drummond here: https://www.thehappymd.com/dike-drummond-my-physician-burnout-journey

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