Face Time for Clinical Care

VCH has approved the use of FaceTime for virtual patient visits and clinician to clinician consultations. The use of FaceTime has the ability to improve access to care for clients transitioning between services (e.g. acute and community), for after hour service delivery, improve access to consultations for providers, all through existing technology. ​

Why FaceTime for ​​Clinical Prac​tice?

  • ​Accessible: Uses existing WIFI networks; relatively low cost

  • Easy to use: Uses technology that clinicians and patients have familiarity with in day to day life

  • Adaptable: Has options to meet clinical needs (e.g. able to put in kiosk mode)

  • Flexible: Can be used in numerous settings (e.g care conference room, patient room, exam room)

  • Secure: Meets VCH requirements for security and privacy


He​​re are a few resources that can quickly show you how to use Fac​​​​​​eTime clinically:​

The FaceTime quick reference guide will give you key points on the necessary requirements for using FaceTime in clinical practice.​

The kiosk mode quick reference guide​​ will walk you through putting an iPad into a mode where only one app is available (e.g. FaceTime), so that if necessary patients/clients can use the iPad unsupervised.

FaceTime Stories​​​