Virtual interpreting services

How to access interpreting services​

As an essential service in the delivery of care, Provincial Language Service (PLS) services can be accessed via the following channels listed below.

If you have any questions, please contact the Language Service Coordinator, Amélie Darblade, at .​

On-demand Over the Phone Interpreting (OPI):

Spoken language interpreting

Note: If your program has a direct toll-free number for OPI services, please continue to use it.

  1. Call the main OPI line at 604-297-8400 or toll-free at 1-877-BC Talks (228-2557).

  2. Press 1 for an immediate phone interpreter.

    • ​Press 1 again to indicate that you are calling from Fraser, Vancouver Coastal, Providence or Provincial Health Services Authority.


    • Press 2 to indicate that you are calling from Interior, Northern or Island Health.

  3. Select the language you require interpreting services for.

  4. Provide the access code that you will find on the CSM home page (in red).

  5. You will be connected to the next interpreter available.

On-demand Video Remote Interpreting (via the app)

Spoken and Sign Language Interpreting

  1. Download the LanguageLine Insight app:

  2. Authentication code (created in response to COVID-19): HTYH6K4R93

  3. Generic device name for:

    1. PHSA staff: PHSAtemp4142

    2. VCH staff: VCHtemp4141

    3. PHC staff: PHCtemp4143

    4. FH Staff: FHAtemp4145

  4. Click Activate.

  5. Allow the app to access your microphone and camera.

Please note: on-demand remote interpreting (OPI and VRI) should not be used outside of health authority scope of work. The VRI web link and authentication code is being made available in response to the current health crisis.​​

Pre Scheduled Virtual Visits

For any staff that have access to virtual visits platforms

Spoken language interpreting

  1. Visit the online booking system:

  2. Create a new request.

  3. Choose virtual visit.

  4. Add the virtual meeting link in the Meeting Link field of the session.

  5. The request will be dispatched by PLS Customer Service Representative (CSR).

  6. The interpreter will receive the virtual meeting link with complete request information.

  7. For any interaction with CSRs, please email us at Please include your reference number in the subject of the email.​​

Please note:

  • Patients may need to provide consent to having a virtual visit before they attend a virtual visit session. Please refer to your HA policies for clarification on consent requirements.

  • To get consent from a patient who will require an interpreter during a virtual visit, please call the patient and use a phone interpreter for the consent conversation.

  • For Sign language interpreting, please schedule appointments by call 604-736-7012 and provide the meeting link. Patient consent can to achieve via Video Relay Services ( The patient will need to call the HCP through this service so a call time must be coordinator through dispatcher at 604-739-7012. ​