Zoom Meetings (Video Conferencing)

​​​​​​​For care providers who would like to set up virtual meetings and appointments, you have the option to use Zoom. This is a great option for patients and clients who do not need to come to a health care setting for their appointment.​

How to begin using Zoom

  1. ​To request a Zoom license, please complete this survey.​

  2. Use your personal device and personal network data (smart phone, tablet or personal computer) to download the “Zoom Cloud Meetings” app. At this time, we ask that staff do not use VCH devices to launch this application. Many internet providers are now offering free access to networks. TheEnhanced Access by Internet Providers outlines details. ​

  3. Once you receive your license, you can activate your Zoom account. Follow the instructions in the email from Zoom and set your password

  4. Test Zoom on your device to ensure it’s working prior to your first use: Go to https://www.zoom.us/test

  5. You’re now ready to use Zoom!

  • Note: At this time, the use of personal device and personal network data (not VCH networks) is the preferred method of utilization due to limited VCH network capacity.

Installation on VCH devices is used as a last resort. To use on a VCH desktop or laptop, you must complete an IMITS software service request for Zoom software: http://servicecatalogue.healthbc.org/Pages/default.aspx

  1. Choose Software
  2. Choose desktop software

Order for existing device – choose non-standard software and type Zoom in the box that says software (don’t need name and version)​​.

Resources and support

For detailed instructions on how to use Zoom, please see the VCH​ Zoom Manual. Resources can also be found on the Zoom website.  ​

Upcoming Webinars:

​If you are unable to run Zoom on your VCH desktop, click “start from your browser”. ​