Zoom Meetings (Video Conferencing)

​​​​​​​For care providers who would like to set up virtual meetings and appointments, you have the option to use Zoom. This is a great option for patients and clients who do not need to come to a health care setting for their appointment.​

How to begin using Zoom

  1. If you are hosting or scheduling clinical visits, you can request a VCH Zoom license by completing this survey.​ Please note: licenses are deployed once a day at 3pm Monday-Friday. Once you receive your license, you can activate your Zoom account. Follow the instructions in the email from Zoom and set your password

  2. To use Zoom on a mobile device, download the “Zoom Cloud Meetings” app.  

  3. To use Zoom on a VCH computer, request the desktop application from the IMITS Self Service Portal.  For a Zoom outlook plugin, select “Software” from the IMITS selections and when asked if you found the software needed select “no”. A detail box will pop up. Type in “Zoom outlook plugin”. 

  4. Test Zoom on your device to ensure it’s working prior to your first use: Go to https://www.zoom.us/test

  5. You’re now ready to use Zoom!​ Set up your profile and settings at www.zoom.us

  6. NOTE: Users who have not logged into Zoom in 60 days will be switched to Basic status. With a Basic account you can still host meetings. Meetings with 3+ participants will be limited to 40mins. 

To use on a VCH desktop or laptop (if not already installed), you must complete an IMITS software service request for Zoom software: http://servicecatalogue.healthbc.org/Pages/default.aspx

  1. Choose Software
  2. Choose desktop software

Order for existing device – choose non-standard software and type Zoom in the box that says software (don’t need name and version)​​.

Resources and support

For detailed instructions on how to use Zoom, please see the VCH​ Zoom Manual

Resources can also be found on the Zoom website and VCH Zoom Intranet page

  • ​If you are unable to run Zoom on your VCH desktop, click “start from your browser”. ​