CST – It’s not as scary as you may think!

Demonstrating features of the CST Cerner clinical information system at UBC Hospital.

Clinical + Systems Transformation — CST — is coming to VCH-Vancouver in mid-2020. If you’re harbouring fear about a future with electronic health records, we have good news for you.

“It’s really not that bad! It’s not as scary as you may think,” says Jemima Henderson, patient care coordinator and clinical educator at UBC Hospital (UBCH).

Jemima also works as a casual at Lions Gate Hospital, where the CST Cerner clinical information system has been in use for more than a year.

“My colleagues had a lot of support during their rollout,” she says. “There’s a learning curve but it’s not so complicated that I couldn’t get through a shift even though I had only used it a few times.”

Jemima points to the time she saves. “Multiple people can be looking at the same patient info and documenting at the same time,” she explains. “There’s no need to wait for a physician or physiotherapist to finish writing in the paper chart.

Ready access to a patient’s history, including previous admissions and outpatient care, saves time too — and that’s not all. 

During a recent trial of Cerner demos at VGH and UBCH, staff and physicians like Dr. Mark Fok gained insights into other benefits.

“The system provides a more efficient, one-stop shop, but I also look forward to how it will help us improve patient outcomes and safety,” he says.

VCH clinical informatics specialists led the demo trials, ensuring the learning went both ways.

“The CST Vancouver team will take what we’ve learned from the trial demos to enhance future demos for staff and physicians after Providence Health Care’s go-live in November,” says Ana Himani, project manager.

Watch for announcements of upcoming CST Vancouver events and demonstrations.

Learn more about CST in Vancouver

Accessible anywhere you are – at VCH, on the go, or at your office or clinic – VCH-Vancouver’s CST website is your go-to resource for everything CST. To access outside the VCH network, log in with your domain\username and password (just like logging into VCH webmail).

​Visit today: VCH-Vancouver CST website.

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