FESR training now in Vancouver [VIDEO]

Dr. James Kung, Lions Gate Hospital recommends physicians learn how to dictate with front-end speech recognition (FESR) early to ease their CST transition.

CST is coming to Vancouver in mid-2020.

If you’re a VCH-Vancouver acute or inpatient mental health provider — physician, nurse practitioner or dentist — you can begin preparing by registering for front-end speech recognition (FESR) training today.

FESR with Fluency Flex™ software enables care providers using a microphone to dictate directly into CST Cerner instead of typing. Starting June 17, FESR microphones will be installed on  PCs, workstations on wheels (WOWs) and wallmounts at Vancouver acute and inpatient mental health si​tes, including Segal Centre, Willow Pavilion and Detwiller Pavilion.

FESR benefits worth it

​Dictating providers can use FESR to enter information in multiple areas, such as order entry, notes and reports. VCH FESR users say documentation time declines with practice thanks to these and other system features:

  • Speech is converted into text in real time, making reports available to review, edit and sign off on the spot.
  • Copying and pasting from historical documents reduces repetitive dictating.
  • Frequently dictated blocks of text can be triggered with simple voice commands.
  • Partially dictated consults or other notes can be saved and completed later without losing work.

FESR helps to free time for patient care and reports are distributed to care providers (including those in the community) immediately upon signing a FESR-created report.

​First FESR, then CST

​Is it too early to learn FESR now? Not according to our VCH-Coastal colleagues.

Early adoption of FESR gives the system time to optimize voice recognition for each user. But that’s not all. Physicians and other providers at Lions Gate and Squamish General Hospitals speak from experience and they recommend learning FESR early, before CST training begins.

“Learning Fluency Flex™ in advance made it easier to switch to Cerner and there was less to learn when mastering all the details of the new EMR,” says cardiologist Dr. John Vyselaar.

For a preview of FESR, watch Dr. James Kung, emergency physician at Lions Gate Hospital, demo his favourite features and functionality in the video below:

Personal, flexible training

FESR training has been designed with providers’ needs in mind:

  • How: One-to-one session lasting one to two hours.
  • When: Monday to Friday from 7 am to 3 pm.
  • Where: Anywhere you work in VCH-Vancouver.

Register for FESR training today

Vancouver acute and mental health physicians, nurse practitioners and dentists (including locums, fellows, residents and medical students) are encouraged to register early.

* If you haven’t created your LHUB profile yet, now’s the time. Create the profile here: learninghub.phsa.ca.

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