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Go for Coffee

During a recent meeting of Vancouver Physician Staff Association (VPSA) members and VCH leaders, Drs. Sophia Wong and Junella Lee along with Vancouver Acute operations directors Nancy Desrosiers and Mary Nieforth announced a pilot project designed to reduce barriers between physicians and VCH leaders. A number of operations directors, a VCH executive director and professional practice director have volunteered to Go for Coffee with VPSA physicians with the goal of learning about each other’s roles, interests, and struggles in order to build strengthened relationships and new ideas. Physicians can sign up for available slots and then enjoy coffee and pastries with a VCH leader at a Starbucks or Café Ami at VGH, UBC Hospital or a Starbucks near GF Strong. If successful, the project will expand to include Vancouver Community.

Go for Coffee is funded by the Small Steps, Big Idea initiative. If you have an idea you think would qualify for funding, please download the application form.

For more information on the VPSA and its activities, visit its website. To view more photos from the November 30 meeting, click here.

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