Increased mental health supports for physicians and their families

A new partnership between the Doctors of BC Physician Health Program (PHP) & the UBC Department of Psychiatry provides physicians, residents, medical students and their relatives with increased access to mental health services.

The Department of Psychiatry, led by Dr. Laksmhi Yatham, initiated a call out to its members, including VCH psychiatrists, to ensure that physicians could receive support in a timely way during these highly stressful times.  As a result, many psychiatrists have responded and the PHP now has the capacity to provide access to care within a week, as well as ongoing support. 

Individuals may contact the confidential 24/7 helpline directly at 1-800-633-6729. For more information and for additional resources available for medical staff, please refer to the resources for staying well page.  

Read the full story of the PHP & UBC Psychiatry Department partnership here.

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