Meet Vancouver’s CST Physician Leads

Vancouver Coastal Health’s Clinical Systems and Transformation (CST) team is growing.

Dr. Vinay Dhingra has been appointed VCH-Vancouver’s CST Physician Lead and Dr. Dave Wilton has been appointed Associate Physician Lead. Together, they’ll work in partnership with Michelle de Moor, Executive Director for CST implementation in Vancouver next year.

Patient safety first

“Change and improvements in health care can be extremely challenging,” says Dr. Dhingra, “but in Vancouver we’re blessed that our highly trained providers have always engaged with and strived for world-class health care.”

Viewing CST as one of a long line of innovations embraced in Vancouver, Dr. Dhingra is no stranger to leading the way. A critical care physician at VGH, he is passionate about health care quality improvement.

Awarded a Champion of Change Award in 2018 for his leadership in quality improvement, Dr. Dhingra serves as the Medical Director of Quality Initiatives for VCH-Vancouver’s Critical Care Program, chairs the VCH Physician-Led Quality Improvement Initiative and leads the Critical Care group within the B.C. Patient Safety & Quality Council.

“As a provider community, we have and always will move forward to provide the best care for our patients,” he says. “Together, as we build and implement CST to reduce errors and prevent adverse events, we’ll continue our commitment to put patient safety first.”

Face time, not chase time

“CST will improve the quality of patient care and optimize the provider experience,” says Dr. David Wilton.

For Dr. Wilton, improving the safety, quality and consistency of patient care with CST is just the beginning. As Medical Director of Vancouver Acute’s Hospitalist Program since 2008, he also sees CST’s potential for enhancing professional satisfaction. With more information at the care team’s fingertips, physicians and other care providers will spend less time chasing charts and more time with what’s important: the patient.

“I look forward to working with Dr. Dhingra and the rest of Vancouver’s medical staff as we strive to improve the quality of patient care,” he says. “As we implement CST, I’m confident we’ll optimize the provider experience as well.”

A clinical advisor to the B.C. Patient Safety & Quality Council, Dr. Wilton is the 2009 recipient of the Fellow in Hospital Medicine designation from the Society of Hospital Medicine. This prestigious honour was granted in recognition of his dedication to quality and process improvement, his commitment to organizational teamwork and his leadership and active engagement in lifelong learning and education.

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