The latest on CST in Vancouver

The latest issue of CST Vancouver Update (Issue 2. Nov/Dec 2019) is now available.

Image-of-Staff-Bulletin-Nov-Dec-2019---Page-1.jpg​CST Vancouver Update is made especially for the people of VCH-Vancouver and focuses on readiness activities and more for the implementation of Clinical + Systems Transformation (CST) in our VCH community of care. This bulletin supplements CST coverage in VCH News and the many useful resources on our CST Vancouver website.

Missed Issue 1? You can find it on our CST Vancouver website here.

In this month’s issue

In the November/December issue of CST Vancouver Update, you’ll read about the following and more:

  • ​how VCH-Vancouver staff and physicians supported Providence Health Care’s CST go-live on November 16
  • why you’ll be WOW’d by our CST workstation on wheels
  • tips on how to access our CST Vancouver website any time, any place

​Recording of December update available

On December 5, our CST Vancouver team delivered an indepth review of VCH-Vancouver’s people, plans and progress toward CST activiation next year. The full event, including an open Q & A session, is available for viewing at your convenience here.

Learn more about CST in Vancouver

Watch: ​​CST Update webcast (December 5, 2019)

Read: CST Vancouver Update (Issue 2 Nov/Dec 2019)

​Explore: VCH-Vancouver CST website

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