VCH nurse practitioners join medical staff

As of September 2018, VCH nurse practitioners have officially formed a Regional Department of Nurse Practitioners and joined physicians, dentists and midwives as members of VCH medical staff.

What this change means

In keeping with Ministry of Health recommendations, the addition of nurse practitioners (NPs) to medical staff at VCH will include the expansion and optimization of the NP scope of practice to include privileges to treat within the health authority and to admit and discharge when appropriate. The change aligns with similar changes at other BC health authorities.

Nurse practitioners will now have the opportunity to apply to become active medical staff within VCH. They will have primary appointments to the VCH Regional Nurse Practitioner Department and secondary appointments to the departments/divisions associated with the programs where they work.

Why now?

This change is well timed with the VCH strategy for primary care and will position VCH NPs as medical members of the multi-disciplinary teams, many of which are already in place and functioning well. It provides an further opportunity for quality assurance and quality improvement intiatives to ensure patient safety and evidence-based practice.

What’s n​​ext?

More communication will be happening with NPs themselves and also with the programs and departments they work with. Over 80 nurse practitioners throughout VCH will receive the medical staff rules and documents allowing them to apply to be credentialed and privileged as medical staff. ​


More inform​ation

Read the announcement from VCH Professional Practice​.

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