Privacy and Security Awareness Week (PSAW) for our Direct Care Staff

Many direct care staff at VCH work to deliver high quality care in fast-paced environments. To support the delivery of better and more efficient care, communication is critical and emailing, texting, and document sharing has become an important and practical way for us to communicate. Privacy & Security Awareness Week (PSAW) is a provincial initiative held every year in June to promote awareness of privacy and security issues, and the importance of the protection of personal and health information.  See the endorsement message from our new Privacy Commissioner of BC under “Things you can do to participate” at the bottom of this article!  ​


The biggest risks to emailing/texting are misdirection and phishing.  Therefore, to mitigate these risks you need to:

  • Authenticate – confirm and verify the identity of the recipient before sending any personal information.
  • Don’t fall victim to phishing…don’t open attachments or click on links sent from someone you don’t know or from email addresses that are not familiar. Trusted organizations such as banks, etc. would never ask you to click on a link from an email or text message.

Did you know…


We all play a part…

Regardless of our roles, we all encounter confidential information about patients, residents or staff when carrying out our work and are responsible to ensure that information is shared in a secure manner.

… be privacy and security smart!       

Emailing, texting, and transferring information must be done in a way that protects our patient’s, resident’s and staff’s privacy and their information.  Familiarize yourself with the Texting and Emailing policies as well as encryption guidelines and the secure file transfer service. Policies can be found at our new SHOP:

Things you can do ​to participate

Refresh, and renew the Privacy and Confidentiality Undertaking for VCH Employees  (required every 2 years)

Questions?  Email:

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