Call Back Services

A call back is when a physician requests the services of another physician to undertake emergency health services, where the failure to take the emergency response would adversely affect a patient’s outcome.

What are the criteria?

If you anticipate initiating or providing call back services, remember the criteria:

  • Treatment is required on an emergency basis.
  • At the time of the call back, the physician is not already on site, on shift, or on call.
  • The physician goes into a hospital (or other designated facility) to treat the patient within three hours of being called.
  • The patient is a third party or “orphaned patient” (does not have a family physician or has a family physician without privileges at the admitted facility).

Review the call back criteria in the Physician Master Agreement, or contact your department or division head to find out if your program or group is eligible to receive call back.

How can I submit my invoice?

Authorized physicians and authorized groups must submit a call back invoice to receive payment. Send your invoice to the appropriate Community of Care medical affairs office within 30 calendar days. Claims submitted more than 30 calendar days after a call back will be declined.