The Medical On-Call Availability Program (MOCAP) is a provincial program to provide responsive and sustainable on-call/availability coverage. It was established by the 2001 Working Agreement between the British Columbia Medical Association (now called Doctors of BC) and the Government of British Columbia.

The program pays for services required and is provided through contractual arrangement between the health authorities and physicians.

Application access

To access the MOCAP/On-Call Application, go to:


For more information, please refer to the following MOCAP documents:

How can I make changes to on-call groups?

To add or delete a physician from an on-call group, please complete the request form:

Mail, email or fax completed request forms to:

Physician Relations & Compensation
Attention: Eva Jackson  Email:   Fax: 604-875-4593
Urgent requests, please call: 604-875-4960 after you have faxed or emailed your request.