You told us about emailing. We heard you!

In June, the Information Privacy Office asked staff and medical staff to tell us how you currently use email to provide health care and conduct daily business on behalf of VCH. This was done to assess how well we as an organization understand and are following guidance provided in the VCH/PHC Emailing Policy.

All in all, 313 of you provided responses. Thank you so much!

In appreciation and acknowledgment, we wanted to share some of the survey results with you, as well as what we are considering to help everyone in ensuring emailing practices are responsible and carried out in ways that keep our clients’ personal information safe.

What we heard

Awareness and usage of the VCH/PHC Emailing policy is high, with 79% saying they are aware of the policy, and 89% of those respondents indicating they have either read or used the policy.

With a score of 7.41 out of 10, staff and medical staff rate the emailing policy as easy to understand. Respondents also gave the policy a score of 7.10 out of 10 when asked about how well they were able to follow guidance in the policy.

However, many of you cited practical limitations to using the policy – particularly, when it comes to actions like encrypting and retaining emails, and communicating common risks associated with emailing to your email recipients.

What we are going to do next

Based on what we heard, the Information Privacy Office will increase educational focus on “troublesome” areas identified by those who completed the survey. This includes delivering education sessions specific to encryption of emails, and how and when to retain emails on the VCH network and when charting. We are also considering how to help facilitate communication to external email recipients about the common risks of emailing. 

The winner is…

VCH staff and medical staff members who completed the survey and provided their information were entered into a prize draw. Congratulations to Lisa Tung from the VCH Transition Services Team for winning the prize of a $50 gift card!


Stay on top of proper emailing practices by referring to the VCH/PHC Emailing policy, guidelines and frequently asked questions (FAQ).

If you have questions about emailing and how we plan to use the results, or feel your department could benefit from a refresher on the policy, please contact the VCH Information Privacy Office at

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