Work Permit Extension

If your work permit is expiring and you would like to continue working in Canada, contact your employer (VCH) as soon as possible – ideally a minimum of six months prior to expiry to ensure no additional delays or expenses. The current processing times can be viewed on the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website.

How do I extend my work permit?

To apply for a work permit extension:

  1. Apply by mail or online.
  2. Pay the $150 processing fee.*
  3. Provide a copy of your valid passport.
  4. Provide a valid Labour Market Opinion (unless LMO exempt).

What if my LMO is in process?

If an LMO is still in process, you may submit your work permit extension application if:

  • Your work permit is expiring within two weeks.
  • You provide proof of a valid job offer.
  • You provide proof that the employer has submitted a new LMO to Employment and Social Development Canada/Service Canada.

Your application will be held for up to two months at the Case Processing Centre while the LMO is in process.

What if I apply before my status expires?

If you apply to extend your status before it expires, you will have “implied status” and may:

  • Legally remain in Canada until your application is processed.
  • Continue to work while awaiting a decision, as long as the conditions remain the same.

What if I don’t apply before my status expires?

If your application is not submitted before your status expires, you must:

  • Stop working immediately.
  • Apply for restoration within 90 days after your status was lost.
  • Pay the $200 restoration fee.*

You cannot resume work until your status has been restored.

* Fees noted are to be paid by the physician directly to Citizenship and Immigration Canada.