Rural Continuing Medical Education (RCME)

The RCME program provides physicians with funding opportunities for medical education to update and enhance medical skills and credentials required for rural practice. These benefits are in addition to the CME entitlement provided for in the Benefits Subsidiary Agreement between the BC Government and Doctors of BC.

The Program

  • Administered and managed by the health authorities according to the policies established by the JSC.
  • Physicians may use funds for individual or group education purposes.
  • Funds may also be used to:
    • Cover overhead expenses while attending medical training.
    • Purchase new technology or upgrades necessary for participation in CME.


  • Physicians must reside and practice in an eligible RSA community for a minimum of nine months per year.
  • A physician who qualifies for RCME but does not stay in a community covered by this agreement for a minimum of 12 months is eligible for a prorated amount.

RSA Communities that reside within VCH demographics are:

A Communities Bella Bella/Waglisla
Bella Coola
B Communities Powell River
C Communities Sechelt/Gibsons

Page 7 of the Rural Programs Flyer outlines the different funding for Specialists and General Practitioners depending on how many years they have practiced and resided in the community.

Claim Forms:

Following the January 31, 2018 communication from the Doctors of BC and Joint Standing Committee, physicians are no longer required to submit a claim form and eligible receipts to their Health Authority for payment review and processing. All RCME funds for the fiscal year 2017-18 (April 1, 2017 to March 31, 2018) and each fiscal year going forward will be paid directly to the physician via the Health Authority.  RCME funds are provided to VCH on a quarterly payment schedule. Upon receivership of those funds, Finance, Physician Compensation will issue payment to those physicians listed on the Ministry’s payment advice.

All previously banked funds have been paid directly to each physician as of May 2018. VCH no longer holds RCME funds for any physician to be used for a future claim, transfered to another Rural Health Authority or to group funds if not used within 3 years.

Group Funded Events – Claim Forms:

Each Rural Community has a allocation of group funds that can be used in addition to each physicians funds for a group RCME event. Before group funds can be used review and approval of the event is required with the Local Medical Director and Julian Jamieson to ensure proper funding is in place and all required documents are obtained in advance to help expedite payment processing.  Please select the community which you reside in below for the RCME claim form. 


  • Please print or type information on the claim forms.
  • Original receipts must be attached with each claim.
  • Please tape loose receipts to a blank letter sized page for expedited processing.
  • If claims are in foreign currency (e.g. USD), please attach a copy of your credit card statement along with the original receipts.
  • Credit Card statements or receipts without itemized details are not accepted.
  • All claims must be approved by the Local Medical Director and submitted to the address noted on the bottom of the form for processing.

Funding/Claims note:

Funding is provided to VCH from the Ministry on a quarterly basis.  Should a claim exceed the current funds available for a provider the claim will be placed on hold until the Ministry has provided VCH with the funding. Partial payments cannot be processed.


Please contact Eva Jackson, Financial Analyst, Physician Relations & Compensation at: 604-675-2524 or