Effectiveness of the AstraZeneca vaccine

Q: Given AstraZeneca data, will it be used in acute care?

 A: We anticipate AstraZeneca will be approved for use in Canada.

There are some interesting data on AstraZeneca. This is one of the first vaccines where they looked at a longer interval between the first and second dose and they actually found a better booster response with this longer interval. This confirms the Public Health message that a longer interval between the first and second dose is preferable for a booster response.

 Those countries that are implementing AstraZeneca are giving a longer interval between the first and second dose. Even though the Phase 3 trial data for AstraZeneca shows its effectiveness in preventing symptomatic COVID was about 70%, as compared to 95% with the Pfizer and Modern Phase 3 trials, it’s still a very effective vaccine.

 If we get a high enough vaccination of our population with all available vaccines, we anticipate we will create herd immunity that will prevent transmission in the population. It’s more about getting enough people vaccinated than of any particular vaccine. If we look at the benefits of Pfizer and Moderna, a single dose in long-term care has basically stopped transmission.  

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