Title COURSE: Foundations of Physician Wellness (Online course, self-led)
Start Time 2023-02-06 12:00 AM
End Time 2023-02-06 11:59 PM
All Day Event Yes
Venue Name CMA Joule (online course, self-led)
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This self-led online course is designed for students, medical residents and physicians at all career stages. In this interactive course, you’ll review key concepts of physician wellness, explore organizational factors that drive burnout and review evidence-based findings on the interventions shown to protect against burnout and foster well-being.


  • Explain the impact of physician burnout in Canada using an evidence-based supporting framework;
  • Discuss the impact of stigma and medical culture on physician wellness;
  • Describe the factors that affect professional fulfillment;
  • Discuss how equity, diversity and inclusion, leadership and professional satisfaction can affect burnout; and
  • Identify specific strategies to reduce the prevalence of burnout in your learning or work environment.

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