Helping out with the vaccination campaign

Q: Please elaborate on the plan to involve health authority medical staff (physicians, pharmacists, etc.) as well as providers outside the health authority who are interested in supporting the vaccination campaign.


A: The vaccines are complex. Not only do they have cold-chain requirements but also thawing & transportation requirements. They are much fussier than anything we have ever dealt with. For these reasons, we made the decision to provide immunization of the masses through vaccination clinics. We have invited and welcomed many physicians who have assisted in the vaccinations of the priority populations, as well as pharmacists from both community and from within our health-care system.


Our HR group are coordinating the medical staff sign up; both those who work for us and those who are retired, are taking a break or a secondment. There is a process to express your interest in participating with the immunizations (see expression of interest form).


We will need you – we have a mammoth task to accomplish. To date, we’ve had about 870 medical staff volunteer.


Medical Staff Q&A were generated during the March 10, 2021 medical staff forum.


The AV recording of this and previous forums, as well as full transcripts and a running list of Q&A, are available on the Intranet site and Slack.

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