Staff flu clinics start today!

This year, more than ever, getting the flu shot will be an important step to protect yourself and those around you. It can help keep your health care team strong and your family healthy.

A flu shot can reduce your chance of developing symptoms that resemble COVID-19 which would require you to get tested and self-isolate. This can increase wait times for test results and delay the identification of COVID-19 cases. The vaccine is the best way to protect against the flu, and flu shots for health-care staff are free. 

Staff flu clinics have now started across the Communities of Care. Some of your colleagues may be Peer Immunizers and can provide immunizations on their units – please ask your manager for more details.

New this year: staff are encouraged to pre-book their immunization appointments online at their preferred site location. Book your appointment now! Drop-ins will also be accommodated.

You can also get immunized at most doctors’ offices, pharmacies and public health clinics. For a list of clinics in BC, visit ImmunizeBC.

Self-report for a chance to win a prize!

Please self-report your immunization status online. The earlier you report, the more chances you have to win a prize! Names will be drawn every week from now to November 27.

VCH medical staff report by emailing OR calling 604-875-4111 ext.69597.

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