Credentialing & Privileging Project

VCH and PHC, together with all BC health authorities, will be introducing an online application and reapplication system for medical staff appointments. Physicians, dentists, midwives, nurse practitioners and other regulated health care practitioners who are affiliated with a health authority will use the new online system and standardized business processes.​

How will the new system affect you?

  • You will have easy and convenient online access to submit your appointment and reappointment applications — no more bulky paperwork.

  • If you need to apply for privileges at another health authority, your information will be available to them with your consent, making it easier and faster to apply for and approve your privileges.

  • Strict access protocols and system permissions will ensure your information is kept private and secure. Access to your information will be granted only to those who have a role in the credentialing and privileging processes.

  • Tools and supports will be provided to practitioners’ so they will be able to successfully use the new online provincial system.

  • While this new system is not part of the CST project, it will “feed” privileging information to the provider section of the new Cerner system.

Why are we making this change?

Health regulatory organizations, health professionals and Medical Affairs staff have asked for this change — it can save considerable time and effort and provides timely, accurate and accessible credentialing and privileging information across all BC health authorities, with a practitioner’s consent. Numerous systems and processes can result in duplication and information gaps.

When are the changes happening?​

The project will begin to roll out in early 2015 and finish in the spring of 2016. Ongoing updates and information will be shared in the coming months to ensure you are aware of the changes we are making.

System ​demo videos

Questions or comments?

We welcome your feedback. Send your questions or concerns to: