Physician Leadership Program (PLP) at the Sauder School of Business

​​We are currently in partnership with PHSA, the UBC Sauder School of Business, the BC Patient Safety and Quality Council, UBC Faculty of Medicine and other BC Health Authorities, to deliver a 10-day training program for senior physicians, designed to teach leadership behaviours, knowledge and skills required to become more actively engaged in the planning, delivery and transformation of our health care system.

As leaders in health care rise in formal responsibility, relationship-building, communication, and interpersonal skills are key indicators of success. This imperative requires a shift from the traditional, autonomous culture to a mindset of teamwork, shared decision making, collaborative communication, and inspirational leadership.

The objective of this innovative program is to deliver the leadership knowledge, behaviours, and skills that senior physicians need to effectively engage in the planning, delivery, and transformation of our health care system. Participants will acquire meaningful new perspectives on health care leadership, and develop a practical, broad-based set of skills to work up and down multiple levels of organizations and across multiple health care contexts.

This program was created by collaboration between B.C. Health Authorities, B.C. Patient Safety Quality Council, UBC’s Sauder School of Business and the UBC Faculty of Medicine. Its interdisciplinary outlook ensures a system-wide, yet well-integrated, view of both the medical and management aspects required for excellence in health care leadership.​​

How​​​ to apply?​​

Please complete the application form to help us identify your current leadership experiences and capabilities. Your enrollment form will be reviewed by relevant Medical Leaders to obtain agreement on your participation. Please submit the application form to​ to take through the approval process.