Resources inventory

​​MELD has compiled a resource inventory of training, financial supports, and upcoming conferences for succession planning and to support medical leaders to reach their development goals and achieve success in leadership roles.

A few of the featured courses & training are listed below. For more information and for more resources, see the Resource Inventory spreadsheet. A searchable online tool will be developed soon. 

Financial supports

The Specialist Services Committee (SSC) provides $10,000 Leadership Scholarships to medical staff who successfully complete approved leadership training (note: courses must be pre-approved by SSC). Visit the Leadership Scholarships page to apply. 

Online training

The Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) – Finding & Creating Joy in Work. A 12-week online course with coaching. Begins April 6, 2021.

A wide variety of online training for medical staff is available through the Learning Hub, including:


Resources within the inventory are coded as base-level; mid-level and high-level competencies to indicate the intended audience, which is based on the following suggested proficiencies draft for the medical leaders' table: 

*You can click on the images above for an enhanced view.

Note: COVID-19 related resources and training will be available on the Resources for Medical Leadership page on the VCH COVID-19 intranet.​​​