Multi-Source Feedback

Why MSF?

To support your success in demonstrating the necessary competencies for medical practice. Together with other initiatives under the Physician Quality Assessment and Improvement umbrella, MSF is an important component in creating a culture of quality and continuous improvement across the physician communities.

What is MSF?

Medical Quality Council-derived online survey to support physicians understanding of and demonstration of medical practice competencies as per the CanMEDS framework. Rather than a quality assurance initiative, the goal is the development of personal insight and self-awareness for the purpose of practice improvement.

What is the MSF Process?

  1. Physician Peer Coaching Workshop: Medical leaders attend a workshop to receive hands on opportunities to both learn about MSF and to practice providing facilitated feedback to peers (become a reviewer). Completion of the coaching workshop is mandatory for leadership to attend prior to the launching the MSF within each site.
  2. Initial Launch of MSF: Physician reviewers complete the MSF survey themselves & practice a facilitated feedback sessions with peers.
  3. Ongoing Launch of MSF: Physician reviewers then invite 5 or 20% (whichever number is smaller) of departmental physicians to participate in MSF each year with the goals of the entire department participating within 5 years

Physician Roles in MSF

Follow these links to read about each position involved in MSF.

  1. Participant
  2. Contributor
  3. Reviewer

MSF Overview


A questionnaire-based tool designed to strengthen physicians’ understanding of, and support their success in demonstrating the necessary competencies for medical practice.



Involve an in-depth self-assessment and perspectives from medical colleagues and co-workers. Feedback is anonymous and confidential.




In order to have your survey results reported, there needs to be a minimum of six contributor responses.





A one-on-one facilitated feedback session with a trained reviewer to go over the data using a reflected approach.





Physicians can use this facilitated feedback session to create a developmental plan.





All physicians must take the questionnaire. Data from the MSF is confidential and will not be shared with hospital administration or medical affairs.



Review every 3 to 5 years.





How to get started?

Contact: Laurie Kilburn via email @