Learning discussion

When you receive your individual clinical practice report, you will have the opportunity to reflect on the data. Try to identify opportunities for learning by examining your practice variations.

What happens when I meet with my site head?

During your annual meeting with your site head, you will also have a learning discussion based on your individual report. Adding the learning discussion to your annual meeting is meant to be respectful of your time.

It will be important to record your learning discussion as a shared, agreed upon and confidential document.

If desired, you can create a professional development plan. Resources, including data analysis support, will be available to you.

Your department head may choose to join your meeting as their role is to oversee the quality of patient care provided by medical staff and to develop a quality reporting system.

Will I get credit for participating?

We are working to have the participation in the program count towards continuous professional development credits.

What if there are performance concerns?

This program is good practice​ and promotes a culture of ongoing quality improvement. Therefore, data analysis and opinions expressed in the learning discussion are subject to restriction under the Evidence Act – Section 51.

The only potential cause for disclosure of performance relative to peers would be if a physician is deemed by the department head to have a significant competence concern that might compromise patient safety or a physician’s well-being. In that case, the department head would follow the review process currently in place, which includes separate data analysis.​