Multi-Source Feedback

​​"The facilitated feedback process helped me to reflect on broader issues of leadership from someone who has had substantial experience in this area." - Physician Participant

Why M​​SF?

To support your success in demonstrating the necessary competencies for medical practice. Together with other initiatives under the Physician Quality Assessment and Improvement umbrella, MSF is an important component in creating a culture of quality and continuous improvement across the physician communities.

What is M​​SF?

Medical Quality Council-derived online survey to support physician's understanding of and demonstration of medical practice competencies as per the CanMEDS framework. Rather than a quality assurance initiative, the goal is the development of personal insight and self-awareness for the purpose of practice improvement.

What is the MSF Process?

  1. Physician Peer Coaching Workshop: Medical leaders attend a workshop to receive hands-on opportunities to both learn about MSF and to practice providing facilitated feedback to peers (become a reviewer). Completion of the coaching workshop is mandatory for leadership to attend prior to launching the MSF within each site.

  2. Initial Launch of MSF: Physician reviewers complete the MSF survey themselves & practice facilitated feedback sessions with peers.

  3. Ongoing Launch of MSF: Physician reviewers then invite 5 or 20% (whichever number is smaller) of departmental physicians to participate in MSF each year with the goals of the entire department participating within 5 years

Physician Roles in MSF

Follow these links to read about each position involved in MSF.

  1. Participant​

  2. Contributor

  3. Revi​ewer

MSF Overview

A questionnaire-based tool designed to strengthen physicians’ understanding of, and support their success in demonstrating the necessary competencies for medical practice. 

Involve an in-depth self-assessment and perspectives from medical colleagues and co-workers. Feedback is anonymous and confidential. 

In order to have your survey results reported, there needs to be a minimum of six contributor responses. 


A one-on-one facilitated feedback session with a trained reviewer to go over the data using a reflected approach. 


Physicians can use this facilitated feedback session to create a developmental plan. 

All physicians must take the questionnaire. Data from the MSF is confidential and will not be shared with hospital administration or medical affairs. 

Review every 3 to 5 years.

How to​ get started?

Contact: Laurie Kilburn via email at​ Laurie.K​