Provincial framework

​​This program is part of a suite of initiatives, run by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC (CPSBC) and the health authorities, with a focus on physician quality assurance.

Each initiative is applying consistent provincial processes and standards – in this case, a Physician Performance Enhancement Framework (PPEF).

For more information on the other initiatives, including licensing, credentialing and privileging, visit the BC Medical Quality Initiative site.

Why ​now?

In addition to simply being good practice, Medical Staff are required to participate by the Hospital Act and requested by their Department or Division Head in QI activities (Article 5.7 QI Processes and Information, Medical Staff Rules VCH and PHC).

The program also supports recommendations from the Cochrane Report (Phase 2) that health authorities implement more rigorous clinical audit systems.

Some departments, such as Obstetrics and Gynaecology, have already been providing performance information back to its members for several years. But for consistency, our Board instructed the Health Authority Medical Advisory Committee to ensure that all departments participate in quality and performance monitoring for professional staff.

What if I work in more than one health authority?

We know that some of you work in multiple settings. To avoid you going through multiple practice assessments, we are working with our counterparts in the other health authorities and the CPSBC to ensure the roles and responsibilities between the organizations are clear. We are also trying to align the tools.

At this point, this is what has been decided:

  • Each health authority funds and conducts its own program for affiliated physicians. The programs follow the provincial processes and standards outlined in the PPEF.

  • VCH and PHC have the same process for the regional departments.

  • The CPSBC delivers the program to physicians in the community setting who are not affiliated with a health authority.

  • Identifiable practice information will not be shared between health authorities.

Is this program used elsewhere?

Physicians in Alberta, Nova Scotia and Manitoba already participate in a Physician Achievement Review to receive feedback on their practice. Internationally, countries such as New Zealand and the United States have comprehensive physician practice enhancement programs in place.

Consistent with the Physician Practice Improvement process from the Federation of Medical Regulatory Authorities of Canada, the VCH and PHC Practice Enhancement Program are meant designed to support individual physicians in their practice assessment and improvement.

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