Level 3: Advanced Cohort Training

​​​​​PLQI provides sessional funding and an opportunity for VCH and PHC physicians for in-depth learning about quality improvement (QI) theory and tools, and an opportunity to conduct your own QI project. Physicians with any level of QI experience and training are eligible although it is recommended that they have completed IHI QI101 to QI 103 and attended the Intermediate training first. Before applying take a look at the qualities we look for in projects and candidates.

Qualities of a ​good QI project

  • The project aligns with the vision, values, and goals of the organization 

  • The project focuses on an existing quality/care gap

  • The project is amenable to a QI approach, where changes are developed and then tested with PDSA cycles.  (The project is NOT simply an implementation of a single intervention) 

  • The project should be able to use data to demonstrate any improvements that are made.  This includes focusing on a problem that occurs frequently enough for meaningful data to be collected over a 10 month period

  • The project does not rely on significant investment of new resources (equipment, staff, etc.) AND the project outcome is likely to be financially neutral or beneficial

Characteristics of an ideal​​ cohort physician

  • The physician has demonstrated a passion for improving care and the system

  • The applicant has shown a keen interest in learning and doing QI (e.g., completed IHI Open School QI 101-103, and PLQI Intermediate QI Training)

  • The applicant commits to attending all of the advanced training sessions

  • The physician works well with their team

  • The applicant/co-applicant project team can realistically influence/implement change ideas and is within their sphere of influence.

  • Able to time manage between quality improvement training, project work, and regular clinical demandsis likely to be financially neutral or beneficial

Four Key Compon​​​ents of Physician-Led Quality Improvement

At VCH and PHC, the following components are being implemented to support physicians in their quality improvement (QI) efforts and to strengthen the culture within our physician community.

 Topics include the following:

  • Model for Improvement – Plan Do Study Act (PDSA)

  • Privacy and Ethics in QI

  • Project management

  • Root cause analysis

  • Human Side of Change – Stakeholder Engagement

  • Data planning and testing Changes

  • Team Work & Communication

  • Sustaining and Spreading Improvement

How do I a​​​​​pply?

Call for applications will open on January of next year.​

​​​​Cohort 3 participants collaborating during a breakout session at our Advanced Cohort Training