Contact Us

For inquires regarding appointments or site related questions, please contact the medical affairs office that you are applying for privileges with via the contact details listed below for assistance:

Vancouver Acute (VGH, UBCH, GF Strong):

Adele Aquino Phone: 604-875-5464 Fax:  604-875-5701
Emily Cheng Phone: 604-875-5597 Email:
Mary Jacob Phone: 604-875-4460

Vancouver Community:

Isa Seto Phone: 604-708-5308 Fax:  604-731-3847
Katie Pospiech Phone: 604-714-3778 Email:

Richmond Hospital:

Cathrina Taffinder Phone: 604-244-5141 Fax: 604-244-5552

Lions Gate Hospital:

Madeline Scheidl (Monday to Thursday) Phone: 604-875-5600 ext. 22131 Fax:  604-875-4593
Charlotte Killick (Friday) Phone: 604-675-2523 Email:

Sea-To-Sky (Squamish (SGH), Whistler (WHCC) & Pemberton (PHCC):

Angela Day Phone: 604-892-6008 Fax:  604-892-9417
Katie Lasalle-Lowe Phone: 604-892-6006 Email:

Sechelt Hospital:

Tracey Newcombe Phone: 604-885-8658 Fax: 604-885-8628

Powell River, Bella Bella and Bella Coola:

Cindy Aronson Phone: 250-306-2276 Fax: 1-866-692-0130


Department of Nurse Practitioners

Charlotte Killick  Phone: 604-675-2523 Fax:  604-875-4593