Physician Led Quality Improvement

Intake for 2019-2020 Advanced Training now open until Feb 15!

The VCH and PHC Physician-Led Quality Improvement initiative is a partnership between Vancouver Coastal Health, Providence Health Care, and the Specialist Services Committee (SSC) designed to address gaps in quality structures relating to physician participating in QI activities. These include funding, helping to build physician quality improvement (QI) expertise and leadership skills, and ensuring they have adequate technical supports.  To learn more about the Physician Led Quality Improvement Initiative please click here.

Check out this short video featuring Dr. Vinay Dhingra, physician chair of the initiative.

Four Key Components of Physician-Led Quality Improvement

At VCH and PHC, the following components are being implemented to support physicians in their quality improvement (QI) efforts and to strengthen the culture within our physician community.

  1. Funding – for projects, training and sessionals
  2. Technical Support – including data analysts and QI advisors
  3. Quality Improvement Physician Advisors – offering mentoring and coaching
  4. Steering Committee – provides oversight

How you can get involved

Advanced QI Training and Project Support

PLQI provides sessional funding and an opportunity for VCH and PHC physicians for in-depth learning about quality improvement (QI) theory and tools, and an opportunity to conduct your own QI project.  Physicians with any level of QI experience and training are eligible.

QI training topics include:

  • Model for Improvement – plan do study act
  • Ethics in QI
  • Project management
  • Considering Cause and Effect: Driver Diagrams, Ishikawa, 5Whys
  • Human Side of Change – Stakeholder Engagement, Patients, Colleagues, Administration, Leadership, Public
  • Data planning and testing Changes
  • QI Communications
  • Team Work & Communication
  • Sustaining and Spreading Improvement

How do I apply?

You can now register online. Registration is open from January 7 to February 15, 2019. For more information, please see the PLQI intake flyer.

2018-2019 Second Cohort of Physicians list please click here.
2017-2018 First Cohort of Physician list please click here.

1-day Quality Improvement training:

Physicians from VCH and PHC can sign up for an upcoming Physician Led QI training session to learn more about QI, begin developing a network of fellow QI champions and support staff, and begin working on their own QI projects. For more information please contact Rochelle Szeto

  • Wednesday February 6, 2019 (0800 to 1600 hrs) – FULL
  • Wednesday March 6, 2019 (0800 to 1600 hrs) – FULL

Currently planning for next fiscal year an dates will be released shortly.

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