Help desk

​​​​The VCH Service Desk is your main point of contact for all computer and technology problems during and after business hours (open 24/7).


Phone: 604-875-4334
Toll-free: 1-888-875-4334



How do you login to the VCH Intranet of​​​f-site from your phone?

We created a video to better show medical staff how to login to the VCH intranet.


How do you access your VCH Email from the Web?

​​How do I access my VCH email on my smartphone​?

Please refer to the below device-specific instructions for how to set up email on your mobile device.

Additional information can be found at:

Password reset instructions and tools

Need help singing in? Visit the password reset website for setup by step instructions and support https://passwordrese​


Please read the below instructions very carefully and change your password now to avoid disruptions to your network access.


  • Must contain 12 or more characters
  • Should have upper and lowercase letters and at least one number or one special character (e.g., !&@$)


  • Must not contain patterns or sequences you've used before
  • Must not have been identified as being on a compromised password list
  • Must not be a single word as it appears in the dictionary
  • Should not contain information easily connected to you (e.g., birthday, phone number, spouse's name, home address)

Please visit the IMITS InfoCentre while on the network to learn more about choosing a password.

IMPORTANT: If the password you enter doesn't meet the above requirements, you'll receive a message that it can't be updated. If this happens, try a password that's more difficult to guess by working in capitalization, symbols and numbers.

Update your password now

If you're onsite or connected to the network using Citrix Gateway VPN

  • Simultaneously press the CTRL ALT DELETE keys
  • Select Change Password. Follow the instructions to set your new password

If you're using a CST Blue/shared workstation or connected remotely using Office Desktop or Remote Desktop

  • Login to webmail at
  • Select Settings ​(gear icon, top right)
  • Scroll down to Change Password and follow the instructions to set your new password

If you're off the network

Don't forget to:

  • Update your network password on other devices, like a cellphone, tablet or personal laptop that you use to access VCH email or the VCH staff Wi-Fi network (vch-staff)
  • Sign up for the Self-Serve Password Reset tool so you can reset your password any time and from anywhere, without having to call the Service Desk 

Common help to​​pics

  • ​Monthly guest Wi-Fi Password
  • Email
  • ​Reset your password
  • Remote access
  • Phones and tablets
  • Video conferencing
  • Video hosting
  • Sending files securely
  • Teamsites
  • Creating surveys​​
​Visit the IT information help site