Provincial privileging dictionaries

​Privileging standards, or dictionaries, establish objective, criteria-based privileges and associated standards for medical staff practising in health authority facilities. They bring consistency in understanding and expectations across the province for those requesting hospital privileges, as well as those approving privilege requests.

The provincial privileging dictionaries contain the criteria required to apply for and maintain those discipline-specific privileges and they cover diagnostic, procedural, and non-procedural disciplines for practitioners. The dictionaries were developed by more than 300 BC medical professionals and specialty experts in discipline-specific panels. The panels worked to define current experience standards and identify what practices are core to each discipline versus what requires extra training (non-core). The provincial dictionaries are in use across all health authorities in BC.

The Provincial Privileging Dictionaries are managed by the BC Medical Quality Initiative on behalf of BC health authorities.

Review and discuss the dictionary with your Division / Department Head and complete and sign this form if requested by your Division / Department Head.  If you have any questions about eligibility, discuss them without delay with your Department or Division Head.

You can download the most recent version of the Provincial Privileging Dictiona​ries online from any computer at the website.

Dictionary Review Proce​​​ss

The provincial privileging dictionaries are live documents and will be adapted as needed to reflect new practices or technologies. To keep content up to date, each dictionary will be reviewed at least every 5 years. New dictionaries may also be created from time to time, if a clear need is identified.

Practitioners who may wish to request a privilege not found in their provincial dictionary, can complete an “additional privilege" request within AppCentral, as part of your overall privilege request.


Practitioners, Medical leaders, and Administrators can submit their feedback on dictionary content via the online Dictionary feedback form at—the website of the BC Medical Quality  Initiative.​