Multi-Source Feedback

​Benefits of participating in MSF:

  • Medical staff can review report results with a trained reviewer from their department in a 1:1 conversation.
  • Medical leaders can develop coaching skills in an accredited workshop to support facilitated feedback conversations in their departments
  • Medical staff are eligible to receive up to 12 CPD credits for participating in the MSF process
  • ​See Multi-Source Feedback infographic for more information

​VCH Medical Staff Peer Facilitated Coaching Workshop:

  • ​Attend a 2.5 hour UBC accredited virtual workshop that is designed to focus on performance feedback and planning for change within the medical context.
  • Participate in your own multi-source feedback assessment.​
  • Take on the role as a Reviewer and participate in facilitated feedback conversations to support the understanding, learning and reflection of MSF results, and encourage the creation of achievable development plans among medical staff within your department/site.

Coaching Workshop Tools and Resources:


  1. How do I participate?
  2. Will my MSF report be shared with anyone other than me?
    • ​​​​No, this report is confidential and only accessible to you; it is not associated with credentialing and privileging and you get to choose who you share the results with. 
  3. What departments have MSF available?
    • ​​​​MSF are currently launched to the following departments and divisions (Anesthesia, Emergency, Nurse Practitioner, Ophthalmology, Psychiatry, and Medicine – Infectious Disease). Engagement is underway to launch MSF to more departments.