Spreading Quality Improvement (SQI)

​​​​​​​​​​What is SQI?​​

The SQI Initiative​ at VCH and PHC is a province wide initiative and a partnership between Vancouver Coastal Health, Providence Health Care, and the Specialist Services Committee (SSC). 

The purpose of this initiative is to foster collaborative relationships at the provincial, regional/organizational and local levels resulting in the spread of the quality improvement (QI) work funded by SSC.  The goal is to spread successful SSC QI projects for the purpose of accelerating impact and transformation for our health care system within the Institute for Health Care Improvement (IHI) Triple Aim framework. 

In September 2020, SSC prioritized spread as a key initiative and provided financial resources and staff to carry this work forward. Key stakeholders in this initiative include facility-based physicians, health authorities, grassroots community and the SSC.

Within VCH/PHC, three projects were selected to spread in Fall 2021:

(For more information on each project, refer to Rapid Fire PPT recordings below)​​

-       Preoperative Group & Screen project at VGH and UBC Hospital

-       Inter Disciplinary Learning Review (ILR) at VCH

-       Mental Health Cha​rt Club​ at Providence Health Care  ​

Click here​ for a list of the 18 spread projects currently underway within the province.  ​​

For more information, please contact Amy Chang, SQI Lead: amy.chang@v​ch.ca