Refreshed dictionaries

​​​​Since Reappointment 2018 some of the provincial privileging dictionaries have been refreshed and implemented in the provincial credentialing and privileging system.

Changes to the dictionaries were developed by a panel of subject-matter experts, as part of a content review of all provincial dictionaries. Revisions are unique to each dictionary but changes may include:

  • Privileges may have moved to/from the core or non-core categories.

  • Privileges may have been added or removed from the dictionary.

  • Training and experience requirements may have changed.

Impact on rea​ppointments

Privileging dictionaries are revisited overtime and new versions are provided to all medical staff upon the next reappointment cycle. Those dictionaries are know as refreshed dictionaries.  They have had changes that are significant and as such, any privileges that you currently have approved in these dictionaries cannot be pre-populated into the document in your reappointment process. Please ensure that you review your dictionary in full and identify the privileges you are requesting.​

Impact on practitioners appointed at more than one BC h​ealth authority

  • Each health authority has a unique schedule to implement the revised dictionary. This means that you may refer to the revised dictionary at one health authority, while still using the previous dictionary at another. Over time, all health authorities will align to the revised dictionary.

Special notice about addi​​tional privileges

  • Additional privileges are any privileges you may request that are not included in your discipline dictionary – that is, it is not a core, non-core, or context-specific privilege in your own discipline.

  • The process to apply for additional privileges has changed; there is no longer an “additional privilege” request form required.  Requests for additional privileges should now be completed in AppCentral, as part of your overall privilege request.

For more information

Contact your local medical administration office for questions on your reappointment application.

Visit to view the provincial dictionaries or to provide input on the content of your practice dictionary.​​​