Getting started

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​In this section you will find information on Photo ID, Pa​r​king​​​​​​, Carpool/Bikes, Computer & Remote Access, System Access,staff disc​ounts​ and VCH work clothing​.  For site specific information and wayfinding maps please visit the site orientation page

Note: some links provided in this document can only be accessed with a network account, remote access or on site from a VCH computer.

Contact Us

At any time if you have questions, need ​assistance​ with one of the topics or forms listed please reac​h out the credentialing team for assistance at our CONTACT US page. 


Photo ID

Photo ID cards for members of the Medical Staff are coordinated by each Community of Care (COC) Medial Affairs Credentials / Department Office. They can assist you with your first ID card, additional access, expired badges and replacement badge requests. Please contact the Credentials Coordinator assigned to your Department for your account information.

In some instances a new picture is required, please see the photo ID picture guide for a new photo​​

If you are not able to have someone take a picture for you it is suggested to setup your smartphone camera on delayed timer mode to allow you to take a picture meeting the distance requirements in the photo ID picture guide.​


Computer & Remote Access

A computer and remote access account for members of the Medical Staff is coordinated by each Community of Care (COC) Medial Affairs Credentials Office. New Medical staff will be provided with their login details by the Medial Affairs Credentials Office. In addition the Medial Affairs Credentials Office can assist with the previsioning of additional access if you already have a network account.  Please contact the Credentials Coordinator assigned to your Department for new and additional access requests.

How to access systems and applications remotely

Remote access requires the setup of the Microsoft Authenticator App on your smartphone in conjunction with your VCH email and password login details. If you have not yet setup your remote access App please follow the step by step instructions on the enrollment poster.  

Remote Access:

    • Access VCH systems and applications from any device off network
    • Virtual Windows X desktop and System Applications (e.g. Outlook, PCIS, CST, WebDI/PACS, CareConnect + more)

How to access email remotely               ​



Applications & medical systems registration

The sections below will list the most commonly used applications for Medical Staff and how to register for access. Most of the forms listed below are only accessible via a Health Authority computer or with remote access to the virtual desktop. ​

Clinical Systems Transformation (CST)


Patient Care Informaion System (PCIS) (Richmond)

Patient Care Information System (PCIS). To find out the type of access you need, please review the training E-learning training matrix. The matrix will point out the access and training required for patient care at:

Before you start training a Learning Hub (LHUB) Account is required ( You only need one LHUB account and you can use the same account that was setup for your appointment education modules with VCH.  Learning Hub can be accessed on any device on or off the VCH network.

To get started, a user will need to complete the Learning Hub course(s) listed on the PCIS Training Requirements poster.  A user must complete the Learning Hub course(s) before submitting an access request in with IT Service Desk.

Upon completion of the PCIS course(s), the user can register for their own account and access via the online form:


  • A manager, Department/Division Head or Leader (e.g. Educator) must complete the Access Request Form and submit it (as the approver).  The educator could be the Learning Hub course administrator, but commonly is Medical Affairs, Dept/Div Assistant.
  • The Security/Enrollment team checks the daily list for the users name with record of completion, sets up their account, and sends user an email with the email registered with Learning Hub.​

Health Records & Medical Transcription/Dictation

​Transcription, dictation and orientation are handled by Transcription Services.  The provider or site lead who is setting up the account can request access.


  • ​Mandatory training with PCIS Basics​ (see above) is required before obtaining a dictation ID (this includes changing status from Resident).

For training and access contact:

Transcription Services phone: (604) 806-9693 or (604) 806-9696   Email:




PACS is the Picture Archiving and Communication System that captures, stores and distributes digital images. It is sometimes referred to as WebDI and provides access to diagnostic images and associate reports from all VCH and PHC sites using a single web browser session.

To request access to PACS, fill out the request form by clicking on the following link: 

  2. A manager, Department/Division Head or Leader is required to be noted on the form. It could be the Department/Division Head, but commonly is a contct from the site Medical Affairs office, the ​ Dept/Div Assistant.
  3. Once your clinical manager approves the request, your account will be provisioned.

​For more information about PACS, how to use guides and FAQ can be found at: 


CareConnect/Provincial eHealth Viewer

CareConnect provides the information physicians require online and remotely. CareConnect, while being a provincial application, is still also a clinical application used to enhance a healthcare professional's ability to provide direct patient care.

Note before you start you will need:

  • Your computer login (Active Directory Account)
  • Professional College ID (CPSBC #)
  • Manger Contact (name, email and phone)
  • Residency/Fellowship start/end date (if applicable)

To signup for CareConnect, you will need to enroll directly by clicking the link below from any HA computer logged in or via remote access logged into the VCH Network. The form can not be accessed outside the network.

​​CareConnect is indeed the provincial ehealth viewer but each health authority provisions their own staff access to CareConnect. The PHSA team specifically looks after VCH, PHC and PHSA. For example, the provider has an account at FHA then they will need to request access on their VCH network account as well.

​Contacts: ​For assistance: send an email to


Zoom & Microsoft ​Teams

Practitioners who require zoom access for patient care can sign up for a zoom account via the Virtual Health Communications team.  Navigate to the support home team page to sign up: 

​Online Enrollment

​PharmaNet & Prime

PRIME is an online application for healthcare professionals and sites (currently, private health practices only) that need PharmaNet to deliver patient care. In PRIME, individuals and sites apply to the Ministry of Health for approval to access PharmaNet. The process involves secure identity authentication with the mobile BC Services Card.

PRIME will create a system for PharmaNet user management that satisfies government regulation and standards, standardizes processes across the province, positions the Ministry of Health as the approver for all PharmaNet users' access, and ensures that all PharmaNet access is transparent and accountable. 

PRIME will offer the following benefits: 

  • accommodate increased demand for access to PharmaNet
  • ensure individual accountability for access to PharmaNet
  • ensure PharmaNet has the safeguards British Columbians expect for their health information

​Registration, a quick start PDF, video and additional information (including out of Province registration​) is found at: 


Commuting Options​

Walking, biking, or taking transit to work is a great way to help the environment and you.  Sustainable commuting options add exercise and stress relief into your daily routine. 

Visit the commuter centre homepage to explore all options open to VCH medical staff. Those are but are not limited to: Care Share, Bike to work, Carpool to work, Inter-hospital/campus free shuttle and transit.​


VCH and sister Health Organization parking lots have different parking programs depending on your parking requirements.

Daily and monthly parking passes are available for medical staff at one of the Health Authority Owned/Operated parking lots.  Lower Mainland Consolidation (LMC) Parking Administration manages the medical staff parking services.  The team can be reached by phone: 604-930-5440 and email:

Applications for a parking pass (single or multi-site) are found on Parking Services homepage. Note the parking home page and forms can only be accessed when connected to a network computer or remote desktop. 

University of British Columbia (UBC) & UBC Hospital Campus

Parking at UBC Hospital and sister locations on the UBC campus are run by UBC parking administration, which is separate from LMC Parking Services. Health Authority parking passes and hangers are not honoured on campus.  For more information where you can park and how to purchase a UBC vist:



Bike Cages

Information and access requests for bike cages / rooms at can be found at

VCH bike facilities website

VCH Work Clothing (for purchase)

Wearing VCH work clothing can provide reassurance and a professional image to patients, clients and residents.

VCH work clothing website

Medical Staff Discoun​t​s​

​VCH medical staff have access to exclusive discounts and offers from a wide range of community business partners on things like food, transportation, technology, recreation, wellness and more. 

Please note: VCH is ​not responsible for individual experiences in regards to discounts or vendors. Please ​direct any questions or concerns to the vendors themselves.

Visit the d​​iscount website​