Specialist, sub-specialty, Indigenous & funding for innovation


The Specialist, Sub-specialty, Indigenous & Funding for Innovation (SPIFI) provides groups of rural physicians up to $10,000/year to facilitate the
development of innovative education opportunities.

RCCbc’s RCME Community Program is pleased to make funding available to eligible groups of physicians living and working in RSA communities for planning, development and delivery of innovative community RCME educational opportunities not easily supported by RCME community funds. This funding is offered in addition to individual RCME and community RCME allocations. We recognize that specialists, family physicians with sub-specialties, and Indigenous communities require additional assistance and supports to:

  • Focus on RCME in areas with a low number of relevant learners;

  • Increase capacity to deliver health care services to
    indigenous communities, through collective learning activities; and

  • support innovative delivery of, and approaches to community RCME.

SPIFI enables groups of physicians to form networks that are not based on geography so that they may collaboratively create and participate in innovative educational opportunities. These innovations will be evaluated and shared with healthcare providers throughout the province. All requests for funding will be reviewed by the RCME Community Program Team and developing committee for future consideration of provincial innovations.​

Who can apply and how to learn more can be found via the Rural Coordination Center of BC info s​heet.​