Our peer supporters and champions

Physician Volunteers

​More than 40 physicians are ready, willing and available to help physician colleagues through their difficult times. 

Meet some of the ​peer champions: 

Dr. Asim Iqbal, Anesthesiologist, Vancouver Acute                                                                                       +


A combination of work and home life difficulties led to Asim having burnout without any other warning signs except for a temporary cortisol-related visual loss.


Asim's approach to peer support is to communicate openly and often and to listen with empathy and complete confidentiality.


A proud father and husband, Asim enjoys keeping fit by participating in combat sports like Muay Thai kickboxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and playing the bass guitar.

“I am not going to help solve all of somebody's problems, but I can help provide some management strategies to help people feel the best that they can."


Dr. Jennifer Baxter, Family Physician and Associate Local Medical Director, Coastal                                           +

It is important to Jennifer to be there for her colleagues and to follow through on commitments she makes to them –like her colleagues did for her when she needed the emotional support on countless occasions.


Jennifer helps her peers by giving a compassionate, supportive ear—truly listening and being present. This can be when someone needs to vent or share their challenges/experiences, to troubleshoot or strategize solutions, or simply wants to have company. 


Jennifer enjoys spending time with her partner, dog and two cats, as well as going for runs and walks in forest trails and swims and cold water dips all year round. She is an avid crafter, working on handicrafts including quilting, knitting and cross-stitch. She also loves to bake and share her creations.

“I know the difference it can make for someone—brightening a day, helping them to see a way through a particularly challenging situation, reshaping their work, or whatever it might be. It is important to me to be able to offer this to others."

To connect with a trained peer supporter or peer champion, physicians can reach out to PhysicianPeerSupport@vch.ca for oneself or, with consent, as a referral for a physician colleague.​