Physician Peer Support Program

Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) recognizes the importance of physician well-being and the prevalence and impact of physician burnout, which has reached a crisis point across the healthcare system.  To better support physicians working at VCH and in partnership with the Medical Staff Associations, a Physician Peer Support Program is being introduced. 

In addition to burnout, there are many different reasons why a physician may choose to seek peer support, such as being involved in an adverse event, a patient complaint, a challenging personal event and more.  The Physician Peer Support Program offers physicians the opportunity to talk to another physician from within VCH, one-on-one, in a confidential, non-judgmental environment. 

Any physician who works within VCH who would like to be connected with a peer supporter can do so by emailing the Program at

If you would like to refer a physician to the Peer Support Program and they have given their consent, please email the Program at:


The Peer Support Program Director, Dr. Ashok Krishnamoorthy, supported by Community of Care Peer Support Champions, will be the first point of contact for those reaching out to the Program.  They will match each physician with a trained physician peer supporter who will make contact directly, share information about the Program and set up a time to talk. 

Your exchange with the peer supporter will be one-on-one and confidential.  Peer supporters will be able to navigate pathways for further assistance and help peers to access needed resources. 

For any questions or feedback about the Program please contact either Dr. Ashok Krishnamoorthy, Psychiatrist​ at or Salima Noormohamed, Regional Leader, Physician Engagement and Program Development, VCH at