​​​​​​PRIME is an online application for healthcare professionals and sites ​that need PharmaNet to deliver patient care.

In PRIME, individuals and sites apply to the Ministry of Health for approval to access PharmaNet. The process involves secure identity authentication with the mobile BC Services Card.

To access PharmaNet, you need to enrol in PRIME first. PRIME is an easy-to-use one-time online application. PRIME is how all eligible healthcare practitioners request approval by the Ministry of Health to access PharmaNet. PRIME protects B.C. patients by making sure that only those authorized to can see their medication histories.


There are 4 easy steps to enroll in PRIME (download quick start PDF ​guide​)

  1. Setup the mobile BC Services Card on a mobile phone/tablet

  2. Gather your College license number, expiry date and next renewal date

  3. Enroll in PRIME (time required 10 minutes)

    1. Provide contact information

    2. Enter your College license number

    3. Declare past interactions, confidentially

    4. Read & sign PharmaNet Terms of Access

    5. Workplace PharmaNet Administrator (if you don’t know the email address of your administrator, you can use your email).

  4. Email. Provide your email for verification and communications. If you use Excellris to access PharmaNet, see the quickstart PDF​ for the contact email to use.

Out of Province Providers

There is an alternative paper request process for out-of-province residents who are delivering patient care in BC requiring access to PharmaNet. Each practitioner should contact Prime Registration and Support via email​ and provide the following:

  • Your full name

  • Your email address (where they want correspondence about PharmaNet to go and  check regularly)

  • The license type you hold from the College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC​

Prime support will be in touch with you within 1-2 business days.

Video tutorial: How to enrol in PRIME​​


Frequently asked questions and additional information can be found on the Ministry of Health PRIME website.​