Practice Profiles

Practice profiles provide a snapshot of individual practice that covers metrics in various domains of quality (such as efficiency, effectiveness, appropriateness, accessibility etc.).

Each department identifies their own sets of quality metrics that are relevant and meaningful to their practice. Data is typically visualized in relation to their peer group to facilitate the reflection on quality improvement opportunities.

Individual data is anonymized and the identifiers are only provided to the individual and their department head. Here is a sample image of a practice profile:

After receiving the report, medical staff are encouraged to self-reflect and have a confidential conversation with their department head to identify learning and development opportunities.   


1. Who will see my practice profile?

Only you and your department head will receive the identified data to facilitate a confidential conversation on learning and development. Anonymized or/and aggregated data may be presented to medical and operational leadership.   

2. Why haven't I received a practice profile?

Practice profiles are currently available to the following departments (Anesthesia, Emergency, Ophthalmology, Orthopedics, Psychiatry, Pediatric, Radiology), and engagement are underway to launch practice profiles to more departments. You will receive communications from your department head when it's going to launch in your area.

3. Who do I contact if I have questions about my practice profile?

​If your question is around why certain metrics are chosen as quality metrics for the department, please contact your department head; if your question is around metrics definition, data quality or the process in general, please contact Medical, Quality, Leadership and Practice Team at ​