​​As a member of the medical staff, you will receive your annual reappointment package in January.

Steps for reappointment​

  1. Complete the reappointment form and provide the requested documentation.

  2. Complete the education module(s) identified for the reappointment year.

  3. New in 2014: If you are part of the Radiology, Emergency or Obstetrics/Gynaecology departments, you will begin the Physician Practice Enhancement Program.

  4. Meet with your department head (local medical director or delegate) to discuss your reappointment and have the forms signed.

  5. Return the forms to your medical administration office by the end of March.

Reappointments are presented to the Health Authority Medical Advisory Committee and Board at the June meetings for recommendation and ratification.

What if I don’t complete the process?

If you fail to complete the reappointment process within the timeframe, you will be removed from the medical staff. You will need to reapply through the full application process to reinstate your privileges.


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