Long service recognition

It's almost Long Service season!

Each year, long service recipients who reach a milestone (from 5-55 years in five year increments in the previous calendar  year) are celebrated  for their continued commitment, dedication, and contributions to making our organization a great place to work and receive exceptional care. The Recognition team is working with site leads and champions to plan events and celebrations for over 3,600 staff , medical staff, and volunteers across the health authority who achie ved a long service milestone in 2022. Events and celebrations will be held February through April 2023.  

Should you have any questions about our Long Service Recognition program, please reach out to our team at VCHRecognition@vch.ca.

Service Gifts

The Long Service gift catalogue opens in February 2023.  When the gift catalogue opens, eligible 10+ year recipients will receive an email from the Recognition team with instructions on how they will be able to access the catalogue and order their gift.  

The catalogue features new gift items and other enhancements that will make selecting a gift a great experience for recipients. 

Who is eligible to order a gift?

VCH employees, medical staff and volunteers who achieve 10+ years of service and who have not already ordered a gift are eligible.  

What can you expect when ordering a gift from the catalogue?
Enhancements include a new  curated catalogue of gift items by milestone year, an easy self-serve order system with gifts shipped directly to home addresses, and a reliable customer service experience.  

The Recognition team is working with the gift catalogue vendors to minimize packaging wherever possible.

Please watch for a Long Service gift catalogue FAQ coming soon!


Visit the Long Service Recognition Frequently Asked Questions document.  

Our Long Service Recognition Program is just one way we show our staff, medical staff and volunteers that we care for them at VCH.

Should you have any questions about our Long Service Recognition program, please reach out to our team at VCHRecognition@vch.ca.  ​​​​