Title VIRTUAL WORKSHOP: Effective Team Interactions
Start Time 2023-04-19 2:00 PM
End Time 2023-04-19 3:00 PM
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Venue Name CMPA (online, facilitated)
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The Effective Team Interactions course provides practical strategies for effective communication in a team environment. Participants will be equipped with skills that ensure clearer interactions between healthcare colleagues to reduce risk and improve patient safety.

Topics covered:

  • Team communication in the context of safe patient care
  • Psychological safety
  • Active listening and assertive communication skills
  • Situational awareness


A total of twelve (12) hours of learning time

Seven (7) hours of synchronous online session time over four (4) weeks

  • 3, 2-hour synchronous online sessions
  • 1, 1-hour synchronous online session​

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Earn up to 36 Mainpro+ credits; a maximum of 12 hours Section 3 MOC​.

Contact Email education@cmpa.org
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Category Education; Mental health & wellness; Virtual
Location Regional
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