Title EDI Journal Club+
Start Time 2023-06-19 12:30 PM
End Time 2023-06-19 1:30 PM
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Venue Name Zoom
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Come join EDI Journal Club+ where we do both!

The VCH Medical Staff Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee is launching an EDI Journal Club+. The group will meet regularly with the goal of improving patient care by incorporating evidence into practice. The group is open to all VCH medical staff.

Caution: you may end up making more friends than you know what to do with through our JC+.

Indigenous Cultural Safety 
Hummingbird Level 1 ED Module 1

If you want to show up with some tools already in your toolbox, have a look at the Indigenous Cultural Safety Hummingbird Level 1 ED Module in Learning Hub. It is worth 2 CME credits and is fantastic.

If you don’t have time to read ahead, feel free to just show up! We will talk and learn  from heart to heart. It will be a safe space.
Register online today:
More details are online here:

Contact Email Salima.Noormohamed@vch.ca
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Category Community; Diversity, equity & inclusion; Education; Innovation; Quality improvement; Virtual
Location Regional
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