Long Service Recognition

Every year nearly 3,000 employees, medical staff, and volunteers across the health authority are celebrated for their continued commitment, dedication, and contributions to making our organization a great place to work and receive exceptional care. The Long Service Recognition program recognizes individuals for reaching their milestone year (for 5-50 years of service in five year increments) in the previous calendar year.

To keep everyone healthy and safe, there will be a oneVCH Long Service virtual event on Thursday, February 25 from 3PM to 4PM via webcast and Zoom for all of our 2020 milestone recipients…and the entire oneVCH team is invited! This is an opportunity for us to come together, share stories, and celebrate our employees, medical staff and volunteers and their commitment to making VCH a great place to work and delivering exceptional healthcare. This unified celebration will replace all local, site-based celebration events this year. 

Long service recipients and leaders would have received a calendar invitation to participate in the event.  An invitation to join the webcast will be shared soon.

For safe handling, service pins and long service gifts will be mailed directly to recipients’ homes.

The gift catalogue will open for 10+ year recipients for 90 days following the virtual event. 

Who is eligible to order a gift?

VCH medical staff who achieved 10+ years of service in 2020 and who have not already ordered a gift are eligible.

Additional information is available in the Long Service gift catalogue FAQ flyer

Our Long Service Recognition program is just one way we show our staff, medical staff and volunteers that we care for them at VCH.

​Should you have any questions about our Long Service Recognition program, please reach out to our team at VCHRecognition@vch.ca.  ​