Executive Medical Group

​The Executive Medical Group (EMG) is an operating committee to facilitate the functioning of the Senior Medical Directors across Vancouver Coastal Health.

The EMG provides advice and support to the CEO and Chief Operating Officers on all matters relating to the provision of health care, such as:

  • Providing medical expertise on policies affecting the quality, quantity, effectiveness and sufficiency of health care provided to the population of the VCH and tertiary/quaternary services provided to the province.

  • Ensuring that the EMG provides input into the VCH’s planning processes.

  • Ensuring the Health Authority Medical Advisory Committee has strategic input into the VCH’s planning processes.

  • Initiating and coordinating system reviews and planning for the provision of medical care of the population of the VCH and our provincial obligation.

  • Approving and making recommendations regarding VCH physician resource requirements, within the context of the provincial physician resource planning process.

  • Supporting the activities of the University of British Columbia with regard to undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate training, research and health service planning in order to meet the future needs of VCH and the province.


The EMG chair is Dr. Chad Kim Sing, Associate Vice President, Medicine, Quality & Safety, VCH.

For assistance with EMG-related issues, contact: Joan Saunders​